Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses (57)

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  • 5.00

    BY: Yessenia

    DATE: Jan 19, 2016

    Graceful V-neck Chiffon A-line Gown With V-back

    Beautiful, Affordable Dress

    Really a satisfied customer! It was definitely a great deal from the company. Quality is amazing and the fit is comfortable. Such a classy design and gorgeous color. This royal blue bridesmaid dress is much better than those expensive dresses you would see at local stores. Recommended!
  • 5.00

    BY: Kionna

    DATE: Jun 18, 2015

    A-line Sweetheart Pleated Short Dress with Lace Bodice and ...

    The dress very good quality

    Lace bodice short dress looks fabulous on. I wore it to a wedding and received compliments all day. It felt so comfortable to wear. I could find no flaws with it. I am so happy with the dress.
  • 5.00

    BY: doodle art

    DATE: May 09, 2015

    Vonvertible Criss Cross Ruched Long Jersey Bridesmaid Gown ...

    Overall the dress was beautiful!! Great material and it came on time

    Convertible long royal blue bridesmaid dress is the perfect for any girl. It fits well and allows styling as per your wish. It looks far better than the pictures. Fabulous!
  • 5.00

    BY: E. Hintze

    DATE: Jan 04, 2016

    Sweetheart Charmeuse Blue Evening Dress With Crisscross ...

    Fabric is gorgeous

    Fabric is gorgeous and offers a great fit. I am a short girl with slim body and was not sure if the dress would suit. But it is made so beautifully to my measurements that it looks amazing. I love the way the dress shows off my neckline and bustline.
  • 5.00

    BY: terilam

    DATE: Nov 20, 2014

    High Neck Sleeveless Ruched Long Chiffon Dress with ...


    Long blue gown something that will easily catch the eyes of the people near by. I could not let the opportunity of this gown on discount go. Ordered in time. It is mine now.

Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Don't worry, we've got your "something blue covered". No wedding is complete without stunning bridesmaids and our royal blue bridesmaid dresses are sure to delight even the choosiest of bridesmaids. While bridesmaids shouldn't outshine the bride, there's no rule saying that they can't look gorgeous too. When they're dressed in this most regal of blues, gorgeous is exactly how they will look. Royal blue is a relaxing color which captures the beauty of the ocean waves. Bridesmaids will simply flow down the aisle, rippling like gentle ocean waves, when dressed in one of these beautiful royal blue gowns from our extensive collection. This color is so beautiful and these gowns are so exciting that you will want to wear them again and again, one time just won't be enough! The bride shouldn't have all of the fun, the bridesmaids should be able to enjoy a sexy dress in a beautiful color. Read More >>

While continuity of color is certainly important for a wedding party, our royal blue bridesmaid dresses come in tons of fun and sexy styles. We offer long flowing gowns that whisper against the floor with a gentle touches, truly capturing the motion of the ocean. We have fun and flirty knee length gowns that offer plenty of room to move in preparation for lots and lots of dancing at the eagerly awaited reception. Our collection also offers generous A line skirts which are designed to flatter every figure type in your entourage. Empire and Princess waist styles are also an excellent solution to flatter each body in your wedding party. We also offer beautiful beading, seductive sequins, and many other types of elegant embellishments for our bridesmaid dresses. If you're on the daring side, you can try our gowns with bold and creative cut outs as well as slits to show off beautiful legs.

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